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At Taryn's Swimming Academy we are passionate about everything relating to Water and Swimming. We want to make all of our clients water safe and happy confident swimmers.

Baby Swimming

Ages 6 to 36 months

These 30 minute group classes consist of a number of exercises. Each exercise has progressions, resulting in the ultimate goal of confidant & water-aware toddlers.

Wednesday & Friday mornings between 08h00 – 12h00

Saturdays 08h00-11h00

Run by Ingrid Ross ingrid@learn2swim.co.za


This is for children from the age of 3 years and up.

From water safety to stroke correction.

As these 20 minute lessons are 1 on 1 individual lesson with their teacher, your child is taught the skills they need, at a pace that is right for them. What ever skill level your child is at, the teacher can focus entirely on their requirements

Monday-Thursday between 13h00 to 17h00
Friday between 14h00-18h00
Run by Taryn Russ taryn@learn2swim.co.za

For SATURDAY learn2swim, lessons are taught between 09h00-14h00
Run by Ingrid Ross ingrid@learn2swim.co.za

Juniors Squad Training

½ hour group training sessions, max 6 children per session

This is ideal for kids ages 6 years & up that are familiar with the 4 strokes.

Children are placed in an age / ability appropriate groups.

Focus is put on strokes technique, drills & fitness.

Monday to Thursdays between 17h00 – 18h30
Run by Taryn Russ taryn@learn2swim.co.za

Ladies Fitness Training

Love to exercise but hate the gym?

Join our Ladies Fitness Classes for some fun and exercise in the privacy of our indoor heated pool!

We offer aqua aerobics as well as stroke fitness training for adults

Tuesday & Thursday morning sessions available from 08h00-11h00
Evenings from 18h30-20h00
Run by Cara Wileman adults@learn2swim.co.za

Adult Learn2swim

Develop your water safety and confidence in the pool!

Weekday Morning & Evening Classes available.

Week long intensive courses also offered during the year

Run by Ingrid Ross ingrid@learn2swim.co.za

Holiday BOOSTER Intensive Courses

This is for the 3 years & up (learn2swim) children.

This is where your child swims every day for the duration of the course, encouraging a faster learning curve

From water safety to stroke correction. As these daily 20 minute lessons are 1 on 1 individual lessons with their teacher, your child is taught the skills they need, at a pace that is right for them. What ever skill level your child is at, the teacher can focus entirely on their requirements.

With lessons every day for a week, the learning process is faster and results are more evident than in the 1 lesson per week scenario.

Ideal for your child, at any skill level, to boost their confidence and ability

Run by Taryn Russ taryn@learn2swim.co.za

Our Facility

Our water is heated to anywhere between 30 – 34 Degrees Celsius , depending on the need!

We Use Ozone/Oxygen to help purify our water
Why Ozone?

Ozone is a very healthy, safe & low chemical option.

What is Pool Ozone ?

A blue-colored gas composed of three oxygen atoms, ozone is both a man-made and naturally occurring gas present in the Earth’s upper and lower atmospheres. An oxidizer, ozone can chemically destroy contaminants present in water, making it a highly effective gas for pool sanitization.

Ozone generators sanitize pool water as the water travels through the pool’s circulation system. Before returning the sanitized water to the pool

Our safe off street parking is vast, we have toilet and change room facilities available.

Covid Precautions

The COVID-19 virus does not transmit through water while swimming. However, the virus spreads between people when someone has close contact with an infected person.

At Taryn’s Swimming Academy we adhere to the prescribed  government regulations, this includes the wearing of masks, sanitation on entry, and responsible social distancing.

For all the latest News and Information please visit the official Online Resource and news Portal via the link below.

Pool Parties

At Taryn’s Swimming Academy your child can have a Pool Party all year round!

The parties are a novel, entertaining and hassle free way to celebrate their birthdays.

For 1½ hours, the kids get to swim, play, pick up diving toys, jump on the floaty mat, and generally have fun with their friends in a safe and exciting environment.

The parents do not have to entertain, create games or tidy up afterwards!

The use of the venue includes a compulsory life saver / instructor.

Our facility is available for parties on Saturday afternoons from 14h00.

Run by Taryn Russ   taryn@learn2swim.co.za

What our Customers have to say....

Lee Morris
Lee Morris
Excellent service and unbelievable facility located within Parklands. Taryn was extremely helpful on very short notice and provides guidance and support throughout the experience. Facilities are neat and tidy, staff are friendly, but the pool is the real gem. Try it out, you will not regret it.
Ryan Dykins
Ryan Dykins
Our two kids finished their Learn2Swim seasons at TSA. The elder progressed to squads at TSA and more recently club swimming where the new coaches insist that all strokes are very solid. Over the last year we have had nothing but satisfaction from the partnership with Taryn and her team of really great coaches namely; Cara, Carol and Tammy. We experienced overall quality of service from end to end and would highly recommend this academy!
Robin-Lee Johnston
Robin-Lee Johnston
Awesome swim class, amazing teachers equipped to connect with your child and nurture their confidence in swimming
Violet Woodman
Violet Woodman
We are really happy with the Academy. Michael thoroughly enjoys & looks forward to his weekly lessons with Cara. She is an absolute star.
Tracy Alexander
Tracy Alexander
Tarryn’s swimming school. The Best!!! Staff are lovely and they really do make and amazing effort with the kids. I would highly recommend sending your child here. You won’t be sorry. 😁🏊🏻‍♀️
Matthew Gervais
Matthew Gervais
Out son has had the most wonderful swimming lessons this year and we are delighted at the skills he’s learned ready for summer.
gary harris
gary harris
Taryn and her team do an excellent job. I would recommend Taryns swimming Academy any day of the week and twice on a Sunday.

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